Landscape Illuminations by John Fields

Few gifts from nature are so beautiful such as the soft glow from a full moon. When we create this effect in our landscaping, it is called moonlighting. It creates a natural effect by an elegantly lit environment. Entertaining or just relaxing on your patio, around your pool, or on your now softly lit landscaping, moonlighting is always a stunning companion.

There are 3 types of light sources used in exterior lighting: Mercury Vapor, Halogen and LED Lighting. Mercury Vapor is common for moonlighting because it's cool color temperature better brings out the rich greens and creates a more natural effect. The cooler temperature also creates a more subtle luminosity, and is perfect for the delicate effect of moonlighting.

Halogen Lighting is another option. As a low voltage or line voltage light source it's color is warmer, creating beautiful effects by grazing exterior elevations of homes and accenting ornamental trees, decks, arbors, walkways, and flower beds.

LED lighting can now be used effectively for moonlighting using less energy and having the same coloring effect of Mercury Vapor. This light source brings us into the Green age of lighting. It's endurance and energy efficient package makes it a serious contender for the lighting world.

And all this beauty is useful in creating safety and security for your home and environment.

Landscape Illuminations by John Fields with 27 years experience with artistic design and installation will know what your particular landscape needs are to bring it to its ultimate beauty, reliability and your safety. We will select the appropriate fixtures, always careful to minimize glare, blend them into the landscape and avoid over-lighting. Our goal is the achieve a balanced, overall level of brightness while highlighting a key focal points of choice.