About Landscape Illuminations by John Fields

Landscape Illuminations by John Fields has illuminated residential and commercial properties since 1988. Knowing that each property is as individual as the client... we work exclusively with our clients to custom design exterior lighting systems blending architecture with landscape and creating beautifully lit outdoor environments.

Landscape Illuminations services, include, artistically designed illumination systems for:

Exterior Lighting:

Which includes, the design of the system to accentuate not only the features of the landscape but also the features of the architecture. The ability to move through the grounds at night with beauty and ease, and controls to create zones so the system can be controlled as specified for any given function ,which can also conserve energy on a daily basis. Combined with the installation, with quality materials paying attention to details of placement of fixtures and wiring placement, so as not to be viewed easily in daylight hours. Sales of the nation's most proven fixtures and lamps, that will withstand harsh environments such as coastal and saltwater environments. After the system is installed our designer will follow up at night with adjustments (night set) to fine tune the system so that your living environment is pleasing to the eye, and functionally lit. Our end goal is to keep your illumination system at its peak performance for years to come.

Interior Lighting:

Includes the attention to detail of the interior architecture, accenting personal objects such as artwork, plant locations, artifacts, even framed pool tables with light. Creating pleasant environments that you can work in, and entertain in. Also, controls to easily choose the level of light for a room or rooms and master controls if needed to control specific areas.

Holiday & Festive Lighting:

We approach these types of lighting the same way as our permanent lighting, creating a design for your particular needs, such as areas to be accented for parties. We offer custom wreaths, Garland and of course custom design of color. We also use the most advanced lighting available such as LED and 12Volt systems. Controls can also be added for convenience. We include containers to protect our systems and allow our customers to be able to store for usage year after year.

Permanent Festive Lighting:

Here is where we work to create details such as the look of fireflies in trees and shrubs, windmills that only light when they are spinning and pathways that come alive with light only when you're walking down them. Shooting stars, the ideas are never ending with your imagination and our artistic abilities.