Our Portfolio

  • Frisco Residence


    Mercury Vapor up lighting and down lighting used to accent trees drive and motor court areas, Halogen up lighting used to graze exterior elevation of home.

    Custom Home
  • Picturesque Fountain


    Underwater Halogen up lighting to create a glowing effect of the fountain.

  • Westin Hotel & resort, Frisco, Texas


    Mercury Vapor used to up light trees to entrance and around circular drive, creating a leading effect into the hotel and resort.

  • Create Your Own Resort


    Using Mercury Vapor down lighting and up lighting to illuminate trees, landscaping and pool area while accenting ornamental trees with Halogen up lighting for contrast.

  • Resort Style Lighting


    Mercury vapor up lighting used to illuminate mature trees in background for greater sense of depth to the surrounding area of the pool, and also blending the pool and wooded area together.

  • Southlake Residence


    Combination of Halogen and Mercury Vapor illuminates an entertainment area with a dapple effect from the down lights in the trees, on the patio.

  • Southlake Residence


    Mercury Vapor lighting used to create a beautifully moonlit evening.

  • Estate Lighting


    Halogen Lighting was used to create glow effect on the front elevation of the home and also accenting fountain, creating a focal point in the night. Cooler temperature Mercury Vapor used to up light trees and all together creating secure and elegant environment.

  • Plano Residence


    Mercury vapor used to up light trees in front yard and Halogen lighting used to graze elevation of home to create a warm inviting entrance.

  • Drive appeal


    Mercury Vapor down lighting used to illuminate drive up to home while also illuminating grounds and motor court.

  • Entrance Way to Chapel Hill Subdivision


    Clear Christmas lights are used to outline and accent structures, trees are solidly wrapped with lights down the thoroughfare, to create an elegant and magical perspective view into the subdivision.